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what the use is financial services. >> thank you. >> sorry, i forgot, it has been a wild to ask if you will accept these? and unfortunately... we did not make all of the copies. >> has the appellant seen this? >> no, we just got these today. i have not shown them to him. >> we do have a copy. sorry. >> did you hand in a copy? >> we just came... yeah. >> we just received these today. >> you just received the documents on the secretary of state. >> unfortunately we just ordered them this afternoon. they did not come from the secretary of state it came from their website. >> okay >> could you tell me what is on them, again? >> could you tell me what is represented in the documents? >> sure. there is a website of the secretary of state, which is called business entity details and the entity name is vocal point network, llc, it is active in california, it is address is in oakland. the principal is alfred chan who is indeed with who my client has interacted. and that is one piece of paper. the other is an irs statement, it is a letter to vocal point financial network. in care of mr. alfred c
to determine whether or not this proposed new use, the vocal point insurance agency would be in compliance with the new neighborhood commercial district. and after communicating with them and meeting with them, i was not in on those meetings for the most part of those communications, but it was from the office and her assistant, that this is not the type of use that could be put into this space in the neighborhood district without a conditional use application and approval. it is not what is considered an active use under the new neighborhood commercial district rules and the purpose of the new neighborhood commercial districts and there were four of them found it out in the sunset was to create active storefronts with people coming in and out and the foot traffic that would in turn lead to more business for the surroundings area. and so, the supervisor office actually made to the planning department about the new use when we finally learned what it was. because that complaint went to the planning department to the supervisor office and my understanding as of february eight that was not a
about any of these events visit us at s f gvment gov tv dot ordinary care an please beware that the commission [inaudible] any mobile devices that may sound off during the proceedings. if you'd like to speak on an agendized item, please fill out a speaker card and when speaking to the commission speak into the microphone and do state your name for the record. i'd like to take roll at this time. commission president fong? >> here. >> commission vice president wu? >> here. >> commissioner antonini? >> present. >> commissioner borden? >> here. >> commissioner moore? >> here. >> commissioner sugaya? >> here. >> first up, commissioners, on your calendar, consideration of items proposed for continuance, item 1, case no. 2012.1442c for 795 folsom street, request for conditional use authorization is being proposed for continuance to february 28th, 2013. i have no other items proposed for continuance and i have no speaker cards. >> is there any public comment on the one item proposed for continuance? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners? commissioner sugaya. >> move
and using chat catchers. >> check cashing stores can be found all over the city, but they're convenient locations come with a hidden price. >> these are big. >> i remember coming in to collect -- charged a fee to collect a monogram. >> people who use check catchers, particularly those who use them to cash their paychecks all year long, they can pay hundreds, even a thousand dollars a year just in fees to get access to their pay. >> i do not have that kind of money. >> i would not have to pay it if i had a bank account. >> bank accounts are essential. they keep your money saved and that helps save for the future. most banks require information that may limit its pool of qualified applicants. encouraging to turn to costly and unsafe check captures. >> i do not feel safe carrying the money order that i get home. >> without a bank account, you are more vulnerable to loss, robbery, or theft. thankfully, the program was designed to meet the needs of every kind, so qualifying for a bank account is no longer a problem. even if you have had problems with an account in the past, have never had an
was a member of the board of supervisors, all of us wondered why we hadn't done anything there and the mayor thought the same. >> if an earthquake happened, the building was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant for quite a while. the city decided to buy the building in 1999 for $2. we worked and looked at ways that we can utilize the building for an office building. to build an icon i can building that will house a lot of city departments. >> the san francisco public utilities commission has an important job. we provide clean, pristine public drinking water to 2.6 million people in the san francisco bay area from the hetch hetchy regional water system. with also generate clean renewable energy for city services like public buses, hospitals, schools, and much more. and finally, we collect and treat all the city's wastewater and stormwater making it safe enough to discharge into the san francisco bay and pacific ocean. >> in 2006 the puc was planning a record number of projects. >> the public utilities commission is a very infrastructure-rich organization. we're out there rebuilding the water sy
] correct it for lots along the way. i understand people say it could be specialty use. we have these situations all the time. we approved philanthropic uses which applies to certain lots because the project sponsor we had earlier in sacramento street was also specific more to a lot we were able to expand it. something that might be easier to consider to look at this more broadly if the legal asian of existing off-site kitchens, having a process or pass maybe city-wide for that. i imagine there are a lot of illegal off-site kitchens. the issue around food trucks, i have a restaurant right on the corner from where i live that also has a food truck. i see the food going back and forth. i know other [speaker not understood] don't have brick and mortar restaurants. they're [speaker not understood], one first step just might be legalization of an existing off-site restaurant and ncts throughout the city could be step one. and then step two, looking at -- because obviously most people are fine with the status quo. the issue is we don't know if we do a new balance, creating kitchens al
torrez to join us again on stage, joaquin will be introducing the mayor and if i can ask my fellow committee members to also join us on stage. joaquin. >> thank you very much i have to say as director the mayor's oches of neighborhood services it's refreshing to have a mayor so dedicated to couldn't and it makes my job easier when our people in the community want to feel our elected efficients make our needs and it's in physical presence and i have had the great pleasure of serving under our mayor lee who i would like to make a invite to make a few remarks in honor or of arab heritage month here in san francisco. >> thank you, thank you joaquin, thank you, welcome to our orange city hall. i want to welcome everybody here this fourthth animal america arab month of separation and it's my pleasure to join us here and many of us know that we are such a lucky city, and we are lucky because people around their world make their way to fraction, find hopey until the city they know that we celebrate our diversity and find strength in the different cultures that pretend together and now
grew up in the city and used the parks and now the grandmother of 13 grandchildren, but not one of them lives in san francisco and this is a big part due to the economic conditions of our city, which drive our families out of town. so i am here to talk about how we have to prioritize our city parks. i echo what dennis has just reported on, but the quality of life issues in san francisco and our parks and their healthy maintenance and vitality is what is a true quality of life issue for san franciscans. we need a bigger part of the general fund budget. we need to make sure that even though we have scholarships and ways for poor children, that is not good enough. we need to roll back the fees and we need the kind of environment that children grew up in san francisco, that free access to public parks and that amazing system that we all came to know. there is no reason that we can't do that again, but it takes commitment and other funding options and may require reprioritizing our city's needs and parks are things that do help with public safety, mental illness and all kinds of other woes
that this is a financial use for signature vest tores, i did look for vig signature invest or and nothing came up with permits and i all looked for chan and nothing came up, with the department of real estate permits or licenses but nothing for financial services. the materials that they handed out if i could have the overhead says that the signature investors inc in oakland, with the business address in boston. and it talks about investment advisory services this is not financial services as defined under the planning code. what they were referring to from the interpretation from the mid 90s and referring to somehow the board of supervisors over turning a zoning administrator interpretation, the board of supervisors does not do that. they don't have the authority do that. the board of appeals hears the appeals of the zoning administrator determinations. if they disagree with a administration they can change the planning code nthis case it was an appeal of cu and disagreed and thought that the zoning administrator and they applied and didn't think that it was appropriate to be considered as a bus
before used and it was rusty before installed. >> a state highway through a federal national park connecting an independently managed bridge to city streets. this is a prescription for complication. >> it became clear unless there was one catalyst organization that took it on as a challenge, it wouldn't happen and we did that and for people to advocate. and the project has a structural rating of 2 out of 100. >> you can see the rusting reinforcing in the concrete when you look at the edges now. the deck has steel reinforcing that's corroded and lost 2/3's of its strength. >> this was accelerated in 1989 when the earthquake hit and cal came in and strengthened but can't bring to standards. to fix this road will cost more than to replace. and for the last 18 years, we have been working on a design to replace the road way, but to do in a way that makes it appropriate to be in a national park and not army post. >> i would say it's one of the most ugly structure, and it's a barrier between the mar sh and presidio. and this is a place and i brought my dogs and grandchildren and had a p
. >> all of us are humbled by the virus, how systemic it's become. how do you get your hands around that? for me it's top down and bottom up. we are authority figures and what we do for our children and that's care, but we need to empower them to become the leaders they are waiting to become. this notion of youth adult partnership is esoteric in its term but on the ground how do you operationalize it, those things in the public school who are working so hard to meet the required mandates. schools are driven by mandates, academic achievement, achievement, enrollment. but the conditions in which the virus grows, if you follow the metaphor that bullying is a systemic virus, then the environment has to change so the virus cannot grow and the only way the environment changes is if youth and adults begin to speak with one voice about changing the social norms that allows it to happen. it makes sense to most of us, you have it khaifrpb the social norms. we must educate. but we must go beyond thinking more rigor will get us better achievement. we have to remember a school is a community and
of san francisco state university interns who are spending the spring with us. so if you could all please stand. rebecca, who is working in our trails program. lisa, who is going to work in early childhood education and marisa in permits and kelly in the marina and david working in city services. joshua in sports and athleticks and jackie, who is going to be working with ana alvarez. this is the fourth year, i think, fourth or fifth year that we have blessed with a great partnership with san francisco university and we have been blessed with a talented group of interns who are majors in parks recreation and tourism academic concentration at san francisco state. it's a very competitive program and we have an incredibly talented class this year and i know that already. many san francisco state interns have gone on to work with us in our department. so it's a great workforce training opportunity and we are thrilled to have you. so welcome to our commission meeting. so it was just a few short months ago we were saying merry christmas, happy holidays, happy new year and then it was o
and in each of the domains think of something in all of them in the last 24 hours that you had to use, that you had to activate in relationships with the co-workers or spouses and these are different life skills and there is the area of responsible decision making and comes into play when you have to figure out what to do when you have a problem, so you can probably just look at that and "oh yes, i see where the connections would be" and i would like to kind of point out because we are talking about bullying today -- one of the things i love -- i don't know if rosylyn is still in the room but she talked about a specific example. this is an example of what a teacher should be able to do if she sees something in the hallway and described this whole process and when i was listening to that i was thinking oh my gosh in every category that person would have to be very socially emotionally competent. you need the awareness to know something is going on. you need that empathy to compel you do something about t you need the management skills to approach that situation calmly and not be ove
monterey pines and 78 were monterey cyprus and the rest blue gums. from there, hort science gave us the recommendation to remove a number of the trees. it's worth noting that monterey pines were the largest group and two reasons for this. first monterey pines in golden gate park are what hort science refers to as largely overmature in development, which means that they are really old. which renders the tree for susceptible to inspects, the red beetle, et cetera. overall hort science found our urban forest to be relatively healthy an only recommending a very small number of trees to be removed. because nobody likes to see one of our big, beautiful, majestic trees removed, but after expensive study these were deem to be at-risk of failure. so i thought some context would be helpful. >> there was no public comment and with that we'll entertain a motion. >> so moved. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor? >> a. >> so moved. >> we are now on item 10, park maintenance standards report. >> good morning commissioners, general manager ginsburg. my name is steve rockwell a senior a
initially there were only about 5% of us that were hispanic in the school and wouldn't be the case if 95% are hispanic and english speaking as a second language, but i think the way that we can deal with the issue is we ought to first of all start with the notion of respect for others, and respect for others can work across the line. it doesn't necessarily mean -- it doesn'tly has to deal with the culture. is how we treat one another? and i think we have to be very clear in our educational process and the communication to our people and what is acceptable behavior and what is unacceptable behavior, and i am often fearful when we try to develop a black letter law if you have all these factors and bullying and you fell outside and that works okay in the courtroom. right? as prosecutors we need clear understanding of the laws to understand whether we have a criminal violation or not, but i am fearful we maybe overly legalistic and the way we deal with on a daily basis and we need to approach this by a global perspective respecting people and understanding we have the same rights and obl
. and then lastly, it would amend planning code section 703.2b to allow food processing as an accessory use. on the west side of noe street between 15th and beaver for -- as an accessory use to a nonresidential establishment within 300 feet, provided that the food processing setback minimum of 15 feet from the property line and that accessory use be subject to section 312 notification and that it would sunset after one year. now, the department has presented to you in your packets a two-part recommendation and it's reflected in the draft resolution before you. first, the department makes a series of recommendations to the commission that you recommend approval with modifications to the board of supervisors. and then separately and secondly, the department recommends that the commission directs staff to initiate or to prepare an ordinance for initiation separately that would address concerns regarding inconsistencieses in the height designationses within the upper market district. i've also distributed a series of maps that might be helpful in the discussion. i put some extra copies out for
and wanted to use the steps that are in total decay. they volunteered to do maintenance once the project is completed and to watch over it and supervise it. they went to their churches and school groups to gather the signatures and these people are so grateful how government works. thank you. >> thank you. any others to speak on the consent calendar? being none, this item is closed. commissioners we would need a motion to approve the consent calendar without 5e. >> item e will be taken off? >> yes. >> and then provided separately after this vote. is there a motion? >> commissioner harrison? >> i apologize. >> before we vote on, this and i'm sure it will be unanimous, i just wanted to compliment the people. i have been blessed and lucky enough and honored to be on that committee with these folks jake and jenny and the staff put together a great committee. there it's unbelievable that the work and the interest these people take in making sure these important projects get money to get done. it's just as some of our folks have mentioned it's just a great program. it's something that
. being in the exploratorium space next year had will allow us to try out some different kinds of lessons, experiences, learn experiences for our students and bring some of those idea s back after our renovations are complete. we have been looking for how to create that space and if we're able to occupy the exploratorium it would really fill a need for our skill that has been around a long time. in addition to developing our students intellectually through academic programs and inquiry learning experiences we're committed to developing the socioemotional skills for our students. we want students to develop into empathetic and caring individuals. we're committed to being excellent stewards of the exploratorium site, preserving the outdoor spaces for public use and provide something use for the public as required in the lease; of the internal space as well. and again, we're very, very excited with the possibility of this lease being approved and we very much hope that happens today. thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> hello, i'm a student at town school.
and esther solar for giving us this beautiful space to meet in today. is esther here? i haven't seen her. we'll thank her later. they made this space available for us. good morning, my name is me linda hague for those of you who don't know me. i was appointed by president obama a little more than two years ago to be united states attorney and it is my incredible honor to represent the president, the obama administration here in the northern district of california. welcome to the stop bullying summit. i'm a federal prosecutor so it may seem odd that here we are talking about bullying and we asked all of you to be here and i want to explain the origin of that and why this happened. you people, everybody in this room, has been involved in this issue and is doing incredible work on this issue and we were so honored to be a part of it and to meet with all of you and to speak with you about it. the origin is that as the united states attorney, the administration wants me, wants all the united states attorneys, to go out into the community. it's actually a very different role for the unite
of an agreement and using that space without putting a fence in the middle. but we have not heard back from them and so, at this point, i ask that you deny the current permit. and i am not actually sure that any of the plans that we were talking about today that i have received, all that is before, or that was given to the administrator, was actually filed as a revision to the building department. so that it is really nothing before this board. and i think that the clean way to do it is to deny the permit. have them submit a complete set of consolidated permits, and would be happy to work with the projects sponsor to move the thing along. but, they cannot jaming us with short deadlines and saying, no we are not going to give you another week just to really sit down and sort all out of the issue all at once. >> counselor, the survey was only a boundary survey. >> it was only a boundary survey because they also did not show, normally you show the height of the roof, elevation, and that is not there. so, for us to try to figure out the non-conformity and what has to be done is difficult. because th
documentation of an existing use being... >> yeah. what i meant was ten or 15 years it was not at the start of my career that the building department takes the position that it will only issue a three-hour report showing two units if either the building was originally built for two and a permit reducing it to one or if it was originally single family home and there was no permit to make it two. and the kind of permit... >> and follow the first one, why would it show a three-hour report showing two units if it was documentation reduced to one? >> well, i probably miss heard you. >> i could have misspoke. when they issue a three-hour report they look for was there a permit? which the existing use box said one number of units and the propose ad use says another and then they look to see whether when someone filled in the existing use, one or two, they were describing what they saw or whether they are describing twha is legally there and i mean by legaly there looking back of the building all of the permits together, looking at them all show that there is legally one there. >> and apartment or
to use an example that might seem a little far-flung for that question. one of the things i wanted to talk about with colleagues is the write up process when they cuss you out in the classroom or the hallway. i was in chicago in may and already the strike talk was coming up and talking to some of the teacher. one of the teachers said i don't know what to do about this bullying thing because the kids are cussing me out in the hallway and all i can do is write them up. i think that's a moment i'd like us to think about in terms of empowerment of the teacher. it might be the case that the teacher doesn't feel for a lot of different reasons that she can't depend on his principal to back her up and maybe that principal their best, too. but one of the things i want us it look at in terms of treating children with dignity, which means they are worthy, two things. respect as a word is overused in schools and if i could frankly take down all of the banners of in schools that say you have to respect yourselves, i would. because i think that kids see that and they think that what we do i
for the broader floor plates and it allows tech uses and other uses that need this kind of configuration to come to satisfy. and i know of another situation that's similar to this at the present time uop [speaker not understood] dental school is renovating a building that already has these broad plates on 5th street near mission. and i was a graduate of the earlier facility and i can speak to the difficulty that facility has in its present location because of the narrowness. so, it's not just tech, but other uses. it's important that we get broad floor plates. however, this has to be correct and i think the things they've done in terms of tower separation, bulk, are very much in keeping with the code. as was pointed out by mr. guy, because of the tdr sold by 6 20, 63 1 howard, there never will be another tower that they have to separate themselves from because even if that building were to be destroyed in a fire or some other manner, it could never be built to more of a height than it's at now because they've already sold their tdrs. and then the bulk, there are a number of ways that you can gra
to eradicate bullying from schools at the 2012 con conference of mayors. he is here today to address us on the vexing issue of bullying. it is my pleasure to introduce the mayor of san francisco, ed lee. . >> thank you, ann, for that wonderful introduction and i don't know where you got the ease of coming to the mayor's ofrs, there was no ease on that. ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining together here at the presidio with all the different agencies. i see phil ginsburg, i know bill is around, others from our da office, richard caranza and others from the women's status as well and the district attorneys from the various counties, the school administrators and instructors and superintendents from other counties as well, as well as our community-based agencies that are so invaluable it all of us. this is a very important topic and it's one that our u.s. attorney, melinda hague and i helped spearhead yesterday with 800 students who came together who watch an incredible film by lee hirsch i've heard the wonderful reports from the kids, seen their laughter and their tears. we are
to see how well it deals with the kind of issues rob and your family have dealt with in terms of using the internet safely and being aware of the harm you can do to yourself and to others by the way digital news can get around. >> assemblyman. >> thank you very much. i'm very, very heartened. this was an issue that's been in the closet for too long. i think high profile nationally now as well and we have super stars involved, lady gaga, myself, but you got to reach young people. usually peers are the best, i think, in terms of communicating things and then absolutely the parents. let's keep working, i'm only as good as the information i have and so we want to do the most effective long-lasting legislation. you know what happens sometimes, something is written in law but the attitudes don't change. so that is the human part, that is the part that should have consequences and not be ignored. otherwise the legislation really isn't doing what it's supposed to do, so thank you all very much. i really give a shout out to san francisco unified because they have been very, very on top
advocate for and our caution to use zero tolerance and exclusionary discipline policies and also i teach teachers at san jose state and hundred students who are future teachers. >> can they do a projector? >> no. my teacher did, but again using social media, integrating all of the areas is so important for the prevention. thank you for that focus too and i think that gentleman has comments. >> i was going to follow up in the conversation with digital media or literacy needed within the educational system. we are still experiencing digital divide and access and just the one you speak of recently officer when you mention the generations and investigators not engaged with this media and no don't know my book or face space and when you have to look at youth culture. we talk about texting and sexing and omg and i didn't text anything to you. i spoke to and part of the language and how they engage so until we look at the culture of young people and how do we impact today's 20th century media culture we can't make a huge impact in regards to bullying or electronic aggression or whatev
in hess permits does not justify the city changing the legal use of the property which is the issue before you folks today. >> okay. >> the fact that there was improper disclosure thought that he had a three unit does not change it from the city's perspective which the role that you folks are playing. >> we can hear from the department now, mr. sanchez. >> thank you, scott sanchez, the matter of the subject property, 227 douglass street this will allow for up to two dwelling units on the property, previously was located in an r2 zoning district that would allow two units from 1950 to 1978. the planning department does generally rely on the 3-hour report to the record that is generated by the department of building inspection in the case where we find that there is a gross, error in that and we have had one of those cases before you. i have reviewed the records and i don't see any evidence that contradicts the 3-hour that is would be a single family dwelling although it could contain two units. there is a cfc from 1949 showing it as a single family. the planning code requirements for reside
's a balance between -- i mean when i hear that bullying is going down i mean all of us should rejoice because that to me is indicative of the fact of the work in communities across the country are starting to pay off, but it's going to be hard in this ark and we are in this area and people are coming forward, kids are coming forward . suicides that would have been kept forward or not reporting and we're learning thanks to rapid fire and thanks to social networking or facebook and this is a sued -- all of this the -- the volume of bullying is going to rise in proportion with i think the actual drop in occurrences so to balance that and be aware of that i think is important. >>i totally agree, and that's really to rosylyn's point about this being a very, very important moment and we need to did it right. just on the subject of suicide the surgeon general came out this week and there was a usa today story and suicide and especially among veterans right now and suicide is complex and we cannot send the message -- there is a lot of fear out there right now that bullying leads to suicide and suic
but it's the bullying that can come through the use of twitter, through the use of other social media. we did a case, again a hate crimes case involving an individual who called himself devilfish who over the internet was sending death threats to the heads of the national council of irasa to other organizations that had the audacity to october on behalf of immigrants. and we prosecuted him. you described one just now, that is not an isolated incident. you know that old addage, sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me, i categorically reject that. we have seen kids quite literally take their own lives as a result of cyber bullying and that is why i did a remarkable partnership in south florida with local law enforcement who had gone into schools talking about bullying, including cyber bullying and giving people concrete examples of things of situations they saw, it was remarkable. and that is why we will continue to do that work. so i hope today as we move forward you will understand that we are in this together with you at the department of justice. this
diversity but also celebrate the things that bind us together. ruslyn, does can urriculum need to change or is that not yet where you are. >> the federal government can't -- 10th amendment. >> change it. >> that would be federal overreach. >> well stated. >> no, but, but, so we are not funding or digging into can urriculum in that way. but you certainly have seen superintendent caranza happened about what happens with the kinds of conversations that happen with the movie bully and there are can urriculum packages being developed. i had visions, gary, to think about how if folks decided -- and we don't play in this -- but if folks decided there could be a class on this, how you teach, life skills class, right? if we try to make a one-size fits all click approach that doesn't really take people from where they are and get them to where they need to go. i have seen life skills work well and i have seen students literally filling out mcdonald's applications in their life skills class. so you can't just quickly eradicate and we can't just think about this in an isolated silo the link, fo
the bullying takes place begins to change and it's not acceptable so we use a combination of hard power and soft power. >> jeff thank you. [applause] two to three minutes goes really fast and that was a little over, just fyi. superintendent. >> don't start the clock yet. thanks. again i want to thank everyone for being here this morning and this morning i said "welcome to a sunny day in september" and many of you didn't believe me and i want to thank you all for being here and in my comments at the beginning i spoke of the wonderful experience and having 3,000 opportunities yesterday see "bully" the movie. i spoke of all of the administrators seeing "bully" when they came back from summer break and develop their plans on their campuses here, so i would like to go deeper and talk about a couple of things and before that i appreciate what rosylyn and the previous panel said about the term "bullying" and run the risk of it meaning something generic and meaningless and the word of the day, so let's talk about what it is. it's assault. sometimes it's aggravated assault. it's kidnapp
come right to us, but we've invented this thing, which is not the most brilliant invention but working well and the social resolution way to solve bullying and other harassing content, so we created a flow where you could say "hey, i don't like that piece of content" and instead of reporting to facebook ink and we have 3,000 people but we don't understand the context of everything going on. you can report to a family or friend or somebody off the site. >> in the context -- >> in the context of the behavior itself. we have seen the reports go down. the closing of the reports go up and when we surveyed the people both the person reported and the person reporting -- not everyone, but most of the people were very satisfied how it resolved itself. now just think about that. somebody said -- so it's like i say to anne "anne nice shirt. nice jacket. >> but you hate it. >> and i hate it or maybe i don't. i'm giving a complement. the thing is facebook inc. doesn't know the context but now we have a system in place and i can resolve to anne and anne could say "i didn't mean to post that
this not an officially sanctioned use so we can have real regulation and oversight in the space. i always felt perfectly safe and trusting in cafe floor's food. they never served me wrong. it's been wonderful. thank you for your support. >> thank you. >>> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is michael phillips and i'm in support of the legislation being proposed by supervisor wiener. i have taken part in many fund-raisers, many party events . i have taken part at cafe floor as a consumer. i love -- it's become -- in the community it's become a hub for people to go to, to meet, do job interviews, have meetings about events, just to meet and greet, people watch. i've watched since j.d. bought the place, i watched it grow and flourish for and with our community. i watched when he i am poed the outdoor, what do you call? it? the tables and umbrellas and all that kind of good stuff. j.d. petras is and has been a important part of the community and j.d. petras is cafe floor. the staff of cafe floor is amazing. they're very friendly, they're very often it's one of the most viable pieces of property in the c
asked them many times about the foundation inspection report as they were telling us that the foundation report is a third party inspection that normally it will be submitted to the building department at the end when they are completing the whole work. which but we still have the concerns. so, at the hallway before the meeting he was telling me that he just got the report last week. so we have not got a chance to see any of that. so we want to see the report and make sure that they are doing a proper work with the permit. >> and then the lastly, i wanted to point out one thing is that it seems that the contractor is doing the work with the pattern that they don't get any permits to start the work and then, once there is a neighbors complaint and then they go and file the permits. and with the situation that we are having with them, it really costs my parents a huge stress in the past six months, they take down the rain gutter and they did not put any one or temporary one on until we mentioned it to them. so my parents have to wake up 2:00 in the midnight to double check whether the wate
. the proposed use of the site is for distribution of rental equipment and the existing house will be maintained and the parking lot will be paved and the handicapped bathrooms will be added and security lights will be installed. >> the proposed business for the site will add valuable jobs and increase the security for the neighborhoods while discouraging vandalism. they tested the soil and confirmed that only background levels of diesel and oil that were below the threshold were present. mr. dodt refused our offer. >> your time is up. >> is it roll and whitney? >> no it is the old firm. >> okay, we could hear from the departments now, mr. duffy. >> good evening commissioners. just getting updated on this case today. there was a flurry of activity at the site at the last meeting after the last hearing. indeed, and one of our building inspectors was refused entry by one of the workers and we don't have to call the police too often but sometimes we do when we feel threatened and the building inspector did feel threatened. i believe that it all fairly quickly, when he went back, the workers had lef
station when the building matter involves demolition, modification or change in use, public, safety, traffic, sidewalk and environmental issues, may be better evaluated when notefy is made and permits are issues. thank you for your assistance and if you don't mind, if i could give this to the president of the commission and if you would like a copy, i have copies for you. >> sure. >> thank you, next speaker. >> thank you. thank you, victor. >> thanks. >> my name is michael hammond and i am here on behalf of the neighborhood association. you have heard tonight, testimony about the outrageous actions of this individual, after you upheld his permit and you placed stimulations on it. he has violated every sing of one of those. and in direct violation of a promise that he made that night. he went out and he hired uncertified workers to use a hydroblaster to blast lead chips all over the neighborhood with no attempt of containment this is in violation of state and federal law. in addition, he had an excavator and dug up and removed and hauled away a great deal of dirt before it was tested
streets, cars, we have this oasis of the natural environment. it reminds us of what the history was. >> there is a section for dogs and plenty of parking. transit is available on the 28 bus to get you very easily. the part is ada -- park is ada accessible. it is also a natural lake. this is your chance to stroll around the lake and let the kids run free. it also has many birds to watch. it is a place to find and appreciate what you -- a wonderful breath of fresh air. come and experience in this park and enjoy the people, picnics, and sunshine. this is a lovely place to take a stroll with your loved ones. in the middle of pacific heights, on top of these hills, it offers a great square, a peaceful beauty, large trees and grass and greenery. it features tables and benches, a playground, restaurants, and tennis courts. there are plenty of areas for football and picnics. it is very much a couple's park. there are many activities you can experience together. stroll on the pathways, bring your dog, or just picnic at one of the many tables and enjoy all that it has to offer together. many
is here, rob, could you come on up, rob neighbor, please join us. thank you so much for being here. (applause). >> assembly tom ammiano is here. (applause). >> and our state school chief tom torlichman is here and he is making his way to the podium. thank you all for being here. rob, i want to start with you. you are a los gatos man. how old was jill when this started happening. >> it started happening when jill was about 14, it started in december, she turned 15 in february and then less than a month later, she passed. >> i can't even imagine what that was like for you all. you have another daughter so you just couldn't fold so how did you deal with all that? >> that's one of the greatest challenges. you know, the devastation that jill went through, the pain, doesn't stop. families will testify it continues. it hits the community and now we have to continue to pull ourselves up and help our other daughter and the challenges of raising and parenting another child. you know, we can't just pull up in a shell. she has the right to have a childhood. she deserves to go to go to c
, i am using the sand bar map to indicate where the decks are in relation to the current to the owner's property. >> a clear indication of the size of that deck and it does extend into the rear yard as does the property extends into the rear yard. it is not only a fire escape as you look here, this extends back and there is a deck on top. the large portion of this extends the rear yard. and i stated that. that this does not extend into the rear yard i am just pointing out that it is an adjacent neighbor that has direct access to the private open space. in my estimation it is in the rear yard and it is relatively in the rear yard, that is the common to all areas, all of the structures because it is 20 and a half feet of a blank wall. as far as the directions, here is the occasional of how much shadow is being cast? >> i am sorry. >> okay. >> okay. so this is a diagram of the proposed deck. and you can see this on the shadow that is being cast on my clients' property and so as far as the mislabeling of the directions, i mean i was aware of that early on and i did not address it, i did n
don't understand why there is a door there that you don't really use. >> [ speaking in a foreign lanuage ] >> i leave that originally it was a deck and there was a rail around it. >> that was... when they were doing the work those were the permits. >> you asked the question and i am just responding to that. >> you asked the question, why is there a door there. >> and i am just saying there is a door there because there was a deck. >> i thought that you were telling me that was the existing. >> no. >> i got you. >> my question to you is that if the perimeter of the deck, the former deck had no longer a guardrail, so it is not legal for somebody to be out there, except for main nens purposes. >> so the two windows are going to remain and the windows are going to remain. i am going to ask you if that is acceptable that is that is the door now has a permanent guardrail on the outside of it so people cannot just walk through. they have have to climb over the guardrail to access the deck. >> isn't that dangerous, i don't care how high the guardrail is going to be, it is a door that can
on stage if you could all join us please, and if you could all give them a big round of applause so my name is shady and i work with themary's city ever services here in city call hall and i want to welcome great a i think this thure we programmed over ten institutions in the city of san francisco including the air film festival the arab culture and committee center but also with the tamp pais public library to have two events showcasing the rich arab america culture that exists here in the city of san francisco and i want to thank you all for coming and i want to introduce joaquin for resident who ska great member of our community and has helped organize this event. (applause). . thank you very much and good evening everyone on behalf of mayorly who will be joining us in a few moments i want to say thanks to all of you for being here tonight it's always a pleasure for you go to welcome the community into city hall - because you remind us our purpose in government so to serve and you you certainly bring life and culture and community into our very state halls and bring life to us, so thank
's brief is completely incorrect. they have used an out dated san born map and let me show you their exhibit b. >> their exhibit b here is the site. and they have named the decks in the decks a, b, c, d. but in fact, the property line is there. if you look at my exhibit f and g, you will see the correct configuration. this deck c here is on baker's street and they have the lot that goes all the way back here. they have all of this. and so, they have used the wrong sand born maps and given you the wrong information and they are completely inaccurate representations of what is there. first they call out deck a. which is two doors down. and say that somehow it is larger. it certainly is not. and here is the subject site here. and here is what right next door what they have called deck b and here is two doors down, deck a. it is not larger, it does not stick out further. and then, you look at what they have termed deck b which is directly adjacent, that is a fire escape. that is not a deck. this deck here on what they called deck a, is 16 to 18 feet from the rear property line. thi
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